Spokane Washington is the second largest city in Washington state and is a hub or many cities and area in the Inland Northwest including Western Montana, Northern Idaho, and most of Eastern Washington.

The Spokane River runs right through the downtown and landscapes range from basalt columns to mountain lakes. It’s motto “Near Nature, Near Perfect” is exactly right as Spokane offers abundant green space and access to many lakes, ski resorts, mountains, and bike paths.

The city also offers a great downtown scene with many restaurants and culture. 

  • Attractive downtown
  • Educated population
  • Arts & culture
  • Lots of recreation / outdoor activites
  • Harsh winters
  • Property crime
  • Low ethnic diversity


Spokane was established in 1881 and has grown every since!

In 1974, Spokane hosted the World’s Fair.  Expo ’74’s lasting legacy is Riverfront Park.


Spokane has experienced great growth in recent years. It’s well developed in Health Sciences and Medical Sciences. 

Spokane also has clean water, perfect waste management and well structured solid waste management and a waste-to-energy plan that attribute to the cities growth.

Cost of living is also low and a great place for people to live and retire.


Spokane is a great place to live and if you already live here or hope to move here someday and you need any sandblasting projects done, consider us! Call us today or full out our form for a free quote!